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Closing speech on Tourette syndrome and OCD to Tourette Canada’s Conference 2019

“One-Two-Threes Of Loving Me” Teaser trailer

“One-Two-Threes Of Loving Me” Full speech

Montreal Gazette – Tourette made my job search a high-wire act

Employable me – Tourette made my job search a high-wire act


Tourette Canada’s Page24 Magazine

(Concept creation, writing, editing and design by Melissa C. Water)

Page24 -September 2019

(Find previous issues in the Blog of Tourette Canada’s website


Self-harm Recovery application

iPhone app

Android app

Melissa C. Water is the project/product manager.


Employable Me Canada documentary series on adults with neurological conditions looking for work

Melissa’s episode on AMI-tv

Melissa’s episode on TVOntario

Currently only available for viewing in Canada


Opening speech at IFFA’s premiere of Hichki in Cold Lake, Alberta.

Melissa’s speech on Youtube


Melissa was a guest on CBC radio’s “Now or Never”

What it takes to find a job when you have Tourette Syndrome


“You can’t ask that,” documentary series coming to Canada on CBC Television

“You Can’t Ask That” Tourette syndrome episode trailer #1

“You Can’t Ask That” Tourette syndrome episode trailer #2

“You Can’t Ask That” on AMI

“You Can’t Ask That” on CBC Gem

Melissa was invited to be a guest in an episode of “You can’t ask that,” about Tourette Syndrome.


Published Author with CreateSpace

Saving Honor – Part one of a comedic, science fiction novel for young adults

Death and I – The sequel in a science fiction series for young adults

Lady Injury – A Memoir on Melissa’s experience with Mental health in a psych ward


Youtube Channels

Idranktheseawater – About Mental Health and Tourette Syndrome

Melissa C. Water – A comedy channel

Jai Bu L’eau De La Mer – French channel on Mental health